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Through different tools i support people through their nervous systems.


The nervous system is the porter of the soul in the physical body. So everything that is experienced in the human body is stored in the nervous system. As a child you need a safe harbor to grow up and feeling safe in order to survive. When children are not encountered in their needs, they find strategies to survive - and that's the behaviors we meet later in close relationships. These are mostly behaviors which are not regulate nor healthy. 

A nervous system needs to be met in safety and from a healthy center. The good thing is, we can nourish and reprogram it as adults. But we need a professional or informed person, with which we feel secure.

I support you through

Craniosacral Therapy

Breathwork (Connected Breathing)

Bodynamic - Somatic Psychotherapy

Neuro Yoga / NSTI® (Neurosomatic Traumaintegration)

Yoga & Mantra

Intuitive Coaching

Footreflexology Massage

You can join a 

Group Workshop



1:1 Session


I am happy to meet you, if you are willing to experience your body and safety.
The Regulation of your nervous system.






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