Welcome to my lovely world.

I see and feel my path to deepen the love in everything and with everyone.

I am a very happy and open being, from my birth on. what a gift.

as a human, everyone has their karma, so do i - and i am so happy to work on it.

L i f e

i believe as we are born as human beings, we live on this beautiful planet earth, where there is yin and yang - the good and the bad - the positive and the negative - feminine and masculine - day and night - hot and cold.

So, I work with the light & the DARK. i have discovered when i only see the light, the dark gets suppressed and my body (emotional and physical) gets tensioned and sick. i believe that this just happens when we are not accepting and seeing the dark. when we do not allow ourselves to stay in the dark and be with it.

"LET GO" that word makes me nearly crazy, because i really do not know how to let go. my key is to accept and feel the shadow, the dark, the shit, the anger, the sadness - whatever is here. and then it automatically happens that i "let go" and i discovered that healing then takes place and is sustainable. that's my way of working. that's my way of loving myself.

it's just okay the way i feel. it's so okay. i have learned it that way.

and you too.














my path on this planet yet:

As i was born in the mountains in 1992, in Bellwald, Valais in Switzerland, i feel myself blessed to have the connection to mother nature deeply. That brings me all-ways back to myself and to my true self.

When i was five years old and already got two brothers, we moved back to the center of Switzerland. I went to school there and enjoyed my childhood by the lake and around the mountains.

Later on in 2008-2012, i have done a apprenticeship in Lucerne, as a drawer of architecture. My visualisation and imagination was already at that point very distinct.

When I turned into 20 years, I fell so much more in love with the world. I travelled far away to New Zealand to find myself. I met new people, got to see new perspectives and especially i realized i am so free.

As I can't do anything else than listening to my heart, i started the Naturopath school back home with Footreflexology Massage. That's where I learned to really feel my body, to slow down and really listen to my body, turning to the inside world. I realized that my intuition is leading me. My intuition is very strong and guides me to a point, which is divine.


I was struggling along my way with craniosacral (cause it's not easy to me to follow structures and a system, when my intuition is guiding me), i knew there is something more. Someday during a cranio course, i went to the forest and i asked the universe, what my plan on this planet is. The next day, i was asked from my Yoga teacher to be part of a new project the "Herzraum". Through all of that I finally found breathwork, what really turned into one love with me. I found something i really could feel ALL my bodies: my mental, my physical, my spiritual and my emotional. I was finally able to really look after my patterns, my emotions and where they come from. It opened a new door of my own healing journey. Through a lot of inner work (especially with my feminine cycle) i am now able to guide people on their journeys back home, into their essence & to get there, is the first step watching at the shadows and stay with them.

And that's what i love and i feel there is so much potential in everyone.
the healing journey (journey back home) and the journey of a conscious life is a never ending story.

and i love it.

With all my sweet golden heart



1992   Born and grew up in Bellwald, Wallis

1997   Education & childhood in Sachseln, Obwalden

2008   Apprenticeship as a drawer of architecture, Lucerne

2014   Naturopathschool for Footreflexology & Craniosacral Therapy, Lucerne

2018   Self-employed in our Herzraum Luzern

Yin Yoga Teacher Training 70h

2019     Breathwork Training with Mela Mariposa 100h

       Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training in Bali 200h

2020        Woman-Coaching Training in Zurich

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