Welcome to the world of Aurelia

Aurelia means the golden.

since i came earthside, i have the gold within - shown as shining being.

i am so in love with our beautiful planet earth - pachamamita.

yin and yang - the good and the bad - feminine and masculine

day and night - love and fear - sun and moon - ebb and flow

So do i believe there is the light and the dark.

if i do not step into the dark, i can't reach the light, it will always be suppressed.

my path on this planet yet:

As i was born in the mountains in 1992, in Bellwald, Valais in Switzerland, i feel myself blessed to have the connection to mother nature deeply. That brings me all-ways back to my true self - back home.

When i was five years old and already got two brothers, we moved back to the center of Switzerland. I went to school there and enjoyed my childhood by lake, mountains and forests.

Later on in 2008-2012, i have done a apprenticeship in Lucerne, as a drawer of architecture. My visualisation and imagination was already at that point very distinct.

When I turned into 20 years, I fell so much more in love with the world. I travelled far away to New Zealand to find myself. I met new people, got to see new perspectives and i realized that i am so free.

So did i follow my intuition &  started the Naturopath school back home with Footreflexology Massage & Craniosacral. That's where I learned to really feel my body, boundaries, found myself in shame and other unconscious feelings which came to the surface. I learned to slow down & turn inside.

I started practicing Yoga 2014 and a few years later, my Yoga Teacher Tanja asked me, if i would like to be part of the new "Herzraum". In that period I was struggling along the way with Cranio, i decided to not do the final exam because it did not feel "right at that time" (i finished in 2020) and instead started a Yinyoga Training. Life was guiding me and i listened. Happily after the Yintraining i found Breathwork & I finally could open up and feel all my emotions, patterns, my visions, I came back into the connection to my soul - WHAT A GIFT. But still, I needed help with my childhood, ancestors and past life traumas, so did I find to a woman - coaching in Zurich what brought me here. Through a lot of inner work, coachings, trainings and retreats I am now able to guide people on their journeys back home, into their essence. 

"It's the craziest journey i could ever travel through, it's painful and uplifting - i love it & there is no way out."

With all my sweet golden heart



1992   Born and grew up in Bellwald, Wallis

1997   Education & childhood in Sachseln, Obwalden

2008   Apprenticeship as a drawer of architecture, Lucerne

2014   Naturopathschool for Footreflexology & Craniosacral Therapy, Lucerne

2018   Self-employed in our Herzraum Luzern

                Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Kate Ashley 70h

2019     Breathwork Training with Mela Mariposa 100h

       Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training in Bali 200h

2020        Woman-Coaching Training in Zurich

                          Neuro Yoga Training mit Stéphanie Maurer

                              Mysterien Schule - the ecstatic Self with Serena Laura

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