Welcome to my world

Aurelia means the golden, which i feel blessed for.
This gift from my parents, to be a sunshine!

my lifejourney:

As i was born in the mountains in 1992, in Bellwald, Valais in Switzerland, i feel myself blessed to have the connection to mother nature deeply. That brings me all-ways back to myself - back home.

When i was five years old, we moved back to the center of Switzerland. I went to school in Obwalden and enjoyed my childhood by lake, mountains and forests.

Later on in 2008-2012, i have done a apprenticeship in Lucerne, as a drawer of architecture. My visualisation and imagination was already at that point very distinct.

When I turned into 20 years, I fell so much more in love with life. I travelled far away to New Zealand, mhhh to somehow find myself. I went out of my comfort zone and got to see new perspectives.

When i came back home in 2014, i started the Naturopath school with Footreflexology Massage & Craniosacral. That's where I learned to really feel my body, to deepen my intuition, feel boundaries, and i found myself in shame and other feelings, which came to the surface. I learned to listen to my inside world.

With the wanderlust in my early twenties, it always brought me back to Bali. The place where i feel home & first met Yin Yoga. I started to practice yoga and I learned how to teach it. With the yoga-journey a new world opened up to me. My own spiritual path started and i met breathwork, which cracked my heart wide open; to feel stored emotions & wounds, split parts of my soul and old family patterns. That helped me to heal and it turned into my passion.


Lots of inner work, coachings, retreats and trainings brought me where i am right here and now.

"It's the craziest journey i could ever travel through, it's painful and uplifting at the same time & there is no way out."

With all my sweet golden heart



1992   Born and grew up in Bellwald, Wallis

1997   Education & childhood in Sachseln, Obwalden

2008   Apprenticeship as a drawer of architecture, Lucerne

2014   Naturopathschool for Footreflexology & Craniosacral Therapy, Lucerne

2018   Self-employed in Herzraum Luzern

                Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Kate Ashley 70h

2019     Breathwork Training with Mela Mariposa 100h

       Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training in Bali 200h

2020        Woman-Coaching Training with Petra Nussbaum

                          Neuro Yoga Training with Stéphanie Maurer




Herzshala, Aurelia Amrein


+41 79 514 46 37


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