Breathwork - a very active meditation technique. It's medicine for the body mind and soul - if you allow so.
All we actively are doing is breathing. Breathing through the mouth, get lots of oxygen into the blood stream.

Through long and deep breathing old and stagnant energy might release & tension and emotions rising up.

There are 3 stages we are living at: Relaxing (during sleep), Doing (daily lives), Running (when something happens).
Imagine, an animal shakes itself after being attacked (when something traumatic happens like a fight) so after the shaking the body is released of the memory it has created and stored. The brain doesn't remember and acts neutral again.

Do we, human beings, do that? No! We keep it in the body and store it somewhere deep down.

Breathwork is just a wonderful tool to release what has been stored - over years and lifetimes.

I believe in Karma, and so all what we have creat(ed), has to be moved into harmony.

Sometimes Breathwork is just to crack one open and realize we are much more than our body and our mind tells us.

Sometimes it needs many sessions to come into feeling, because it would be too painful to be vulnerable, so we build a wall around the heart.

These patterns and walls have to be cracked open. If there is lots of resistance, there is no chance in that moment - then it might be some other way for you.

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