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Fri, 27 Jul



Fullmoon Lunar Eclipse on the mountaintop

Who joins the magic? A night outdoors, full of magic. I invite you to join me. These hours of complete magic. It's the Lunar Eclipse this night at 22:20h. It's 103 minutes of pure bliss. Sleeping outdoors under the pillow of the stars and this magical moonlight.

You join the magic Lunar Eclipse.
More about the magic here
Fullmoon Lunar Eclipse on the mountaintop
Fullmoon Lunar Eclipse on the mountaintop

Wann & Wo

27 Jul 2018, 17:00

Schweiz, Schweiz


Girls and boys.

We will escape the manmade lights of the city.

We will hike up to a quiet place.

To enjoy the magic.

Which happens that night.

There is fullmoon at 22:20 h with a lunar eclipse of 103 minutes.

Wohow, that's a real miracle.

We are going to meet up around 5-6 pm in Lucerne and we will head to the mountaintop. More later.

The hike will be around two hours.

Everyone is looking for some wood on the hike.

Everyone will carry some wood up.

We will build a bonfire all together.

We might sing together.

Set new intentions.

Enjoy dinner in the foodcircle.

Boiling water for tea.

Having a beautiful circle with talks.

About your inner and outer world.


Enjoy the sunset.

Honor nature.

Enjoy the beauty of the universe.

Being grateful.

Being together.

Being Love.

Sleep outdoors.

Enjoy the stars.




Wake up to the sunrise.

And some extras with Lucas & Adrian from New Earth Network Luzern.

They will tune in with the new energy of aquarius-eclipse with an astro talk by the fire, in the grass under the sky.

And this nightl in your sleepingbag on top of the mountain.

Watching the stars, the moon.

In Nidwalden or Obwalden. But more later.

You prepare your food on your own.

You bring that food made with love.

We will make a foodcircle to share all together.

Would be happy if it is plant-based.

Dinner and Breakie.

There will be tea offered for breakie and bedtime.

Make sure you bring enough water.

I'm excited to share this with you.

Love forever.

And if you wish to give a little supply for this event, you are very welcome.

Make your own value.

There might be some charges for the cablecar.

Space is limited, sign up soon.

I'm looking forward to our journey!

and by the way if there is a thunderstorm with hail and thunderbolt, i'll organize something cozy instead!

But i have ordered beautiful clear weather.

Love forever.

and ever.


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