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Fri, 21 May



Blooming Sisterhood Retreat

Meet your powerful beloved heart. Hold in a sisterhood, where we open up from our heartwalls in order to get soft, heartful & powerful! Jessica & Aurelia will be holding, guiding and seeing you in your wonderful being!

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Blooming Sisterhood Retreat
Blooming Sisterhood Retreat

Wann & Wo

21 May 2021, 17:00 – 24 May 2021, 13:00

Escholzmatt, Alpach 1, 6182 Escholzmatt, Schweiz


Blooming Sisterhood Retreat

Dear Sisters, dear Goddesses of love and light, daughter of the earth!

We invite you to join our Blooming Retreat in the beautiful place of Galleli, in Escholzmatt, Lucerne. In pure nature, which will be blooming during "Pfingsten".

Within this time we want to connect with the goddess of nature, pacha mama and therefore with the goddess within each one of us. Let us see, feel, and explore them within us and within each other.

Lets connect with our own temple through yoga, breathwork, meditation, nature and ceremonies, to honour ourselves and each other. Lets connect with the great mother, pacha mama, gaya. Let’s connect with the elements and the directions.

We will be here to sing, dance, laugh, eat, breathe and live together. We want to celebrate life together in each layer. WE want to celebrate us, the divine feminine within us. The divine feminine means flow, softness, creativity, expression and intuition to us. To grow, expand and embody our true selves. Not only the beautiful sides of ourselves, but also will be hold the dark, deep, strong and intense sides of our wonderful beings. We are all yin and yang, so do we honour every part of ourselves.

We want to bloom together, like mother nature does in this time of the year!

Connect with our inner essence and make it even more blooming, loving and shining.

Explore the feeling world, hold in a space of other women. Explore the nurturing qualities in each one of us. To share with each other. To see and hold each other in order to feel safe and welcome. Explore your divine feminine in connection with yourself and others.

We invite you to dive deep into your divine feminine side, your true self, your ecstatic endless power.

We are Jessica & Aurelia, two sisters of the heart. We are ready and willing to hold you in our presence, to give you the space to arrive home in your body, home on the earth, connected to your own higher & true self.

Jessica is Yogateacher, Moondancer & a teacher. Aurelia is a Therapist, Breathwork Holder & Yoga Teacher.

Namste & we are so happy, if you hear the call to join us!


Datum Freitag ab 16.30h Ankommen, Welcome Ceremony 17.30h, Ending Ceremony Monday 14.00h, 15.00h Goodbye

Teilnehmer  max 12 Schwestern

Location Galleli, Escholzmatt, Luzerner Hinterland

Preis  777 CHF ist unser Wert, inkl Fixkosten (Essen/Unterkunft/usw) à 380 CHF

if you bring a sister 707 CHF / LowLowLowBudget 666 CHF - or talk to us!

Zimmer Shared Dorm with max 4 Sisters, Double Room for 2 Sisters mit Aufpreis

Cancellation Policy:

Bei einer allfälligen Abmeldung halten wir uns vor 90 CHF als Umkosten in Rechnung zu stellen. Abmeldungen 7 Tage vor Retreat Beginn werden mit 350 CHF beglichen, Abmeldung inner 24h vor Retreatbeginn werden vollumfänglich beglichen, ausser du findest einen Ersatz für dich. Danke für dein Verständnis.

Bei Corona-Positivem Ergebniss zu Retreat Beginn oder Krankheit brauchst du ein Arztzeugnis/das Resultat für deine eigene Reiseversicherung/Annulationsversicherung, damit du den Retreat Betrag erstattet bekommst. Danke für dein Verständnis.

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