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Breath of Life




M i s c h k u  &  A u r e l i a

our mission is to create safe places, to explore who we really are.

we create that feeling of community, where no walls and limitations are needed.

because we know, we are divine beings, which have to unlearn what we have learned.

our sacred spaces are here to dive deep into our selves. 

to really explore, who we think we are, and realize who we really are.

our work is based on expression and realization, and that's all inner work. we all are responsible for who we think we are, and to unlearn we have to go out of our comfort zone and connect back to our intuition. that's where we guide you to.

our highest good is to be vulnerable and authentic - to put ourselves first in order to heal.

we go through deep healing processes to find your true essence:

breathwork . somatic movements . ecstatic dance . yoga 

mantra . nature immersion . meditation . ceremonies .

. body & emotion work .

we are happy to be part of your journey!

om namah shivaya.

Into shadows to reconnect to your true e

I m m e r s i o n

 Eintauchen Vertrauen Hingeben

- honor your shadows, they are your gift -

Kopie von Kopie von Kopie von Solstice D

P O R T U G A L  I M M E R S I O N

R e b i r t h  &  R i s e

Wed 30th Sep - 6th Oct

ReBirth yourself to rise in your most authentic expression so you can live and create the life you are longing for.

We invite you on a journey to your inner self. A journey that takes you to the depths of yourSelf, where you may face fears, anger and grief from past memories and where you will also reconnect to selflove and happiness on a deeper level. A journey that – if you allow yourself – brings you to unknown places. A journey where strangers become family. ♡

As facilitators we will guide you to see thought patterns, to feel your emotions, to release the stored energy in your body so you can really FEEL how they affect your whole system. Mostly where energy is stuck, there must be a release in order to step into your full power on. The journey is to feel how we block and limit ourSelves & to unlearn what we have learned. We carry many layers and informations in our DNA - from our parents, ancestors, society and past experiences. It is necessary to see our shadows, to honour them, allow them and to embrace them in love in order to heal and RISE again.

Yes, we all deserve this ♡

For this deep process of cleansing outworn layers of our divine being to remember more about who we really are, Aurelia and Mischku will create a sacred and safe space for each one of the group, guide you and hold you on your own journey.

Transformamos el dolor trayendo todo a la luz ♡

Are you ready for a transformation, which goes back to the roots in order to make the growth sustainable?

We will be flowing through...

 lot of b r e a t h w o r k
 somatic movements & 5 Element D A N C E
 Elemental rituals: Water Earth Fire Wind
 shamanic journeys
 cacao, nature and sacred ceremonies
 yogasana, pranayama, meditation & mantra
 shadowwork with the inner child
 boundary, pain release & embodiment exercises

... to explore new places within ourSelves.

We are honoured to hold this space on the sacred lands of Gravito in Pedrogão Grande in Portugal. Gravito is a partially restored hamlet set in its own valley with a gorgeous river running through it. Beautifully integrated into nature, with a big dome and an outdoor deck to practice. The accomodation is in cosy tipis and domes.

„We believe one’s environment can inspire the heart and be an ally in the process of finding our true nature within.“ Gravito


1300 CHF* all inclusive

Early Bird's until End June: 1111 CHF*

*Prices are excluding Transfer & Travel (flight, bus, train etc.),

excluding travel, health, accident & annulation insurance

 insurance is your responsibility

any liability excluded

thank you.

Self Investment is the best we can do for ourselves, our families and the whole planet.

Are you worth it, to invest in your beautiful self?


Bitte gerne die Anmeldung über den Event:

breath of life sisters
Aurelia & Mischku

Wenn du den Call verspürst, lass dich davon leiten und tragen. Die Intuition zeigt sich meistens, indem man aus der Komfortzone treten darf. Dein Herz kennt den Weg zurück nach Hause, deinem vollen Potenzial, deinem inneren Lehrer, deiner Herzkraft, deinem göttlichen Selbst, der Liebe die keine Bedingungen hat. 💛

Om namah Shivaya.


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