YIN Yoga

Wednesday 18.30 - 19.45 h

Herzraum Luzern

Yoga is about finding back to your true nature.

Finding stillness in movement or movement in stillness.

The balance between Yin and Yang -

the feminine and masculine.

Inside and outside.

Yin Yoga is about turning inside and having insight - the feminine.

The goal is to relax into a pose and staying there for 3-5 minutes.

It's not about how good it looks, it's not about pain.

You can have supports like blocks and pillows, blankets.

It's about feeling what is good for you.

To feel sensations, but don't force anything.

After each asana follows a rebound.

Absorbing, transition and stillness.

Integration of the stress we have created through the asana.

Feeling all your bodies: mentally, emotionally, spiritually,

physically and energetically.

You might feel an inner shaking, heat or cold, stillness, love or sadness, whatever comes up has space to be here and being integrated.

The goal in YINYOGA is to work with the gravity. You sink with your bodyweight into the asana and you will rest there,

breathe in and out, be the stillness.
As you relax into a pose, your fascia will get wider and longer,

you might feel more flexible after a while.

In Yin Yoga we find movement in stillness.

In Yang Yoga will be found stillness in movement.


I invite you to explore your mind body and soul.

It's all connected, we live in our body, with the soul and mind.



8ER ABO   I   CHF 140

8times Yin-Yoga in a group at wednesdays

valid up to six months (or more)



one session in a group at wednesdays


1 session with me at your desired date



i welcome you for a try-out session for 10 CHF.

i'm so happy to meet you and dive into stillness together.

Namaste Aurelia


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