Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.

- David Richo


A single breathwork is leaving the surface and diving into the depths.


If you do not feel ready to breathe in a group, that's a good way to feel safe and comfortable.

The single session is really focused on YOU. 

We will have a talk, figuring out where you are at and what you need.
We will analyze your birth-process, because many patterns and traumas coming from the very beginning.

After connecting and figuring out what's here, we will slowly lying down on the mat. 
Arriving there by a meditation or a breathing exercise and slowly cross over to the deep, strong and connected breath.


During the session i will simply watch your breath and guide you through your breath.
Your breath is your teacher. Your breath knows exactly what you do need in that very moment.

Your breath will not bring anything to the surface, which you are not ready to handle.

Intuitively will i may touch you at some point, maybe the body needs some inputs to move energy.
maybe i breathe with you for some time or i am simply guidiung you.

i hold space for you and for whatever is coming up.

all traumas, all emotions and all sensations are welcome.

may it will be a journey of pure bliss and visions?

we really do not know, but your breath does.

towards the end, after another cycle has finished, coming slowly back to the normal breath, you will have plenty of time to relax, taking your time to come back to a seated position.

It's your space to share. It's your space to be with whatever is here. We together will end the session with a chat, maybe some exercises for home and lots of water to drink.


i am very happy to guide you and be part of your healing journey.



Duration: min. 2 hours

My value: 150 CHF

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