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Roadtrip Innsbruck

This week started very good! Hanni & Nanni went to another roadtrip to meet our friends in Innsbruck! 😍 Our plan was sleeping outdoor on top of the mountain to see the sunrise the next morning - so we did! After the storm at 9pm we drove up to the alm (alp). Nobody of us even knew the way to the lake we wanted to sleep at! After about 5 minutes our hike started, we lost the signs of the trek and got lost! We continued and we didnt want to go back! Forest, fields, little rivers, we crossed everything! We were completely lost, but it was so much fun!😄 After two hours we thought let's try to go downwards to the mainroad, and then suddenly we happily found the hiking trek at around 11:30 pm when it was darker then dark! But it wasnt a question at all to return to the car, we all wanted to go up and sleep at the lake! When we reached the top at 01:06 am there was the lake of about 5 meters - we expected a huge lake, but it was worth it though! We found the perfect spot to settle down and make a fire to warm up and going to sleep! It was freezing cold at night! I couldnt sleep that much, i had to watch the milky way, shootingstars and the beauty of the night! I was so in love with that moment! đŸ’«đŸ’–đŸŒČ We all were glad when the sun came up and enjoyed that little moment when the sun popped out 🌄 đŸ™đŸŒ

The next morning we warmed up im the sunlight and hiked back to the car, jumped into the freezing cold river and enjoyed the beauty of nature! How lovely!💖

Thanks mother nature, my girls and marvin our guide!đŸŒ»

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