Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.

- David Richo

group Breathwork

If you feel comfortable and cozy in a group, i welcome you to join one of these sessions. I also welcome you if you do not feel comfortable. A good sign of being on the path of your intuition is, doing something where you do not feel comfortable yet.

A group session is very powerful.

We start the session with a welcoming circle usually, a moment to arrive in silence and just watching what's happening within your body, your heart and your emotional world.
To really arrive in the group, the room, the moment and the body, we move through shaking, dancing, playing or whatever is needed at the moment. 

To connect and to get clarity or awareness of what is going on, we might journal a bit, doing some conscious exercises or sharing what's here. We connect with ourselves and the group.


After arriving, feeling and connecting we will head over to the Breathing.

In a groupsession you will breathe an hour'ish through the mouth, in and out. Through all the oxygen you're breathing in, your blood will get very alkaline, so tension overall in the body has no longer chance to stay. It might get unconfortable or you will feel pain during the transformation, but this energy is only moving then. It will pass and you will feel much better or different in your body. There is very often stored memories in tension, so it's possible that emotions are coming to the surface and you start crying, shouting, shaking, vibrating, being angry - whatever comes, you are ready to face that, the things you are not ready to handle will not come to the surface.


During the session i will simply watch your breath and remind you about it. 
Sometimes i may help you with some touches to breathe or to move energy. May i breathe with you a while or i just say something in the group, maybe it resonates with you right then.

Coming to the end of the mouth-breathing, there will be a looong shavasana to relax and again to move, what has to be re-moved within. You will be back at your normal nose breathing to fully relax.

When everyone is ready to come back into the outer world, we will create a sharing circle and we are creating that space to understand and see each other. 

A little snack and you are welcome to slowly enter the outer world again.
Maybe with insights or a new sight.


Duration: ca 2h

my value: 50 CHF

WINTER DATEN - so far ;)

Sun, 12. Januar 19.00h @Herzraum Luzern

Sun, 19. Januar  16.00h @Wahe Zurich

Sun, 2. Februar   19.00h @Herzraum Luzern

Fri, 6. Marz   19.00h @Wahe Zurich

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