Sun, 26 Sep | Gravito Retreat Center

Sacred Yes to Yourself I Portugal Retreat

This space is for you to deepen selflove, selfcare, selfworth! A week fully supported to enter the sacred space within yourself! A space where you can just crash your walls, a space where you can dive into your softness, your power, your divine self. You are welcome & hold in the circle!
Sacred Yes to Yourself I Portugal Retreat

Wann & Wo

26 Sep, 16:00 – 02 Oct, 15:00
Gravito Retreat Center, Rua do Gravito 96, 3270-351 Pedrogrão Grande, Portugal


Sacred YES to Yourself!

A retreat to dive into your selflove, selfcare and selfworth!

A retreat to arrive in your body, your home!

A retreat to remember who you truly are.


We will flow through lots of practices daily to really embody, to reclaim the split parts of our soul back. Integrating everything, that doesn't really want to be here, on planet earth! 

We give you the space to explore yourself with Breathwork, Pranayama, Embodiment Practices, Free Dancing, Naturerituals, Healing Ceremonies, Singing Circles, Sharing Circles, Connecting Exercices, Elemental Rituals, Healing & Integration Meditations, Yin & Hatha Yoga.


Sunday 26th September - Saturday 2nd October 2021


In the most beautiful resort G r a v i t o - we will be living in tippies and domes in a wild forest far away from civilization.

Mischku & Aurelia

the breath of life retreats

The facilitators

👁 AURELIA is a free spirit, as she is guided from her heart to explore life in its everlasting beauty. She loves to absorb the spirits of pachamama, where she loves to dance, sing, play and walk herself home.

What really awakened her is the breath. As she was guided to explore the magic of her breath, she remembered who she really is. That turned into her full passion and a deep journey of awakening. The breath is her deepest teacher, because she believes all the answers are inside and the breath is the doorway to all answers. 

Her heart is fulfilled when she's in community where vulnerability is the highest good of life. She loves to dive deep into the self, where no walls and limitations are allowed. Where expression turns into normality and willingness for growth is the highest good. Where reflection and self-realization are the work of ones life to awaken in deep unconditional love for the blessing of humanity.

She loves to guide human beings to those places, where they feel safe to explore their depths through breathwork, mantra, yoga, dance and inner work.

h a r i o m .

👁 MISCHKU is a free spirit who embodies more and more the archetype oft he wild woman. She let herself guide to the pure essence of her soul. She is wild in the sense of freedom. She liberates herself from everything that is limiting her inner truth. She is a child of Mother Earth and her vocation is to serve humanity. And her self-love is as deep as the love for other beings and our home Earth.

It fills her heart with gratitude and joy to hold sacred space for others to dive deep into themSelves. To explore in inner and outer spaces. To bring people together into community because it is so much easier to go this path as a family. 

For this she only uses techniques she is using for her own healing journey, such as somatic movements, breathing techniques, yoga and dance, to connect body, mind and spirit. To feel emotions and thought patterns with the body.